Juicing vs Blending: Which is best and why

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Blenders include the whole food- the pulp and all its fiber, and we definitely need fiber in our diet. I mean using fresh vegetables, whole grains instead of flour, fruit instead of sugar, basically everything except what comes in a can or a box.

What About Fiber?

We need fiber in our diet because it keeps our intestines moving. Stagnation and congestion are early causes of disease. It’s the corporate food industry diet of highly processed food–with its high percentage of flour, dairy, and sugar–that is contributing to our society’s high rate of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, and inflammatory bowel conditions.

Therefore, smoothies made in your Blendtec with e.g apple, banana, strawberries and blueberries- mean you are consuming fresh fruit with nutrition and fiber. Smoothies made from either fruits or vegetables are a wonderful way to increase the percentage of whole natural foods in your diet.

The Pros & Cons

Think of blending in the Blendtec as eating without the chewing. The Blendtec is liquefying your food. When you blend the apple and banana you still need to consume and digest them even though you didn’t chew them. Slow cold-pressed juicing, on the other hand, is the water extracted from fruits and vegetables. That water extract doesn’t require digestion.

Eating A Pound of Carrots

Most of us like carrots, but one carrot in your salad is enough. The idea of consuming a pound of carrots with a meal would be impossible. However, when juicing with an Omega slow cold-pressed masticating juicer- a pound of carrots condenses down to 8 ounces of carrot water. You are drinking the nutrient concentrate from a pound of carrots. That water extract requires no effort to digest. Just like drinking any water, no hydrochloric acid is required, no pepsin, no pancreatin, your liver remains at rest. That pound of carrot nutrition bypasses your stomach and goes right into your bloodstream. It sneaks through easily without requiring anything from your liver, gall bladder, stomach, or pancreas. When you drink a clean vegetable juice from an Omega slow, cold-pressed masticating juicer, your digestive organs can take a vacation.


The Most Nutrition

And that is, of course, one of the primary benefits of juice fasting; using your Omega juicer. You’re being super-nourished by a large volume of vegetables while your digestive system is completely at rest. Experts say 80 percent of our energy resources are spent on the process of digestion and elimination. And that is also true for smoothies or anything you put in your Blender. But not with juice.

Make sure you choose a slow cold-pressed masticating juicer.  Such as the Omega range of juicers on our website.  These retain the maximum nutrients and enzymes from your produce and the juice lasts up to 72hrs refridgerated without oxidizing.  There is very little foam and no separation.  You’ll get all the nutrition from a large volume of vegetables without spending effort to digest them. Juice bypasses the digestive system and goes straight into your bloodstream. That’s as close to 100% absorption as you’ll ever get.

Food Combining and DigestionSadly, none of us has a digestive system that is 100% efficient. You'll  never get 100% assimilation from all the organic food you eat and spend good money on. In fact, experts say that for most of us, our liver functions at barely 50 percent capacity, meaning that half of what we consume does not get fully processed. Sure, food goes in and comes out, but that doesn’t mean it gets assimilated!

Written by:  Steve Meyerowitz

Most of us regularly overwhelm our digestive organs with too much food.

In his book, Food Combining & Digestion, Steve Meyerowitz talks about the concept of eating half of the volume we normally consume and being even healthier. Why? Because we’re putting less stress on our digestive system and we’re only getting half the nutrition we consume anyway!

That’s the big advantage of an Omega slow, cold-pressed masticating juicer. You get as close to 100% assimilation as you’ll ever achieve. And secondly, you get a volume of vegetable nutrition that you could never consume by eating. Concentrated high volume nutrition and nearly 100% delivery into your bloodstream. That’s pretty special. That’s why we juice with our Omega cold-pressed masticating juicers.


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