Excalibur dehydrators

Excalibur supply update:  Major worldwide supply and shipping delays mean we are waiting on new stock of 9tray digital, 9 tray stainless and 10 tray stainless machines.  These are currently due early June 2022.  Current models in stock are shown below

Excalibur dehydrators build IMMUNITY:  Cooking at the low temperature of 115° F preserves nutrients and enzymes so your dehydrated foods become immunity boosting foods!  Tips:  Cook at 54° - 60° C for the first hour to speed the dehydration process and remove moisture then lower the temp to 45-48 C- this will preserve nutrients and enzymes.  Making your own nutritious, package-free snacks with low temperature dehydrating lets you stock your pantry with immune boosting foods and snacks you can feel good about giving your family!