The Organic Food Guide book by:  Steve Meyerowitz

The Organic Food Guide book by: Steve Meyerowitz

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The Organic Food Guide - By Steve Meyerowitz

Food shopping should be fun, but these days it is confusing. Just trying to eat well and make healthy and nutritious meals for our families has gotten more and more complicated.

Hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, mad cow disease, genetic modifications - what impact do these issues have on our diet, our health, our waterways, our soil?

How can the average person sift through confusing labeling, conflicting news reports and unfamiliar terminology in order to select foods that are truly healthy and nutritious?

With the Organic Food Guide, it guides you through a maize of tough health issues and new food choices. Steve, steers you to healthier foods.

Learn the answers to these and other questions

  • How can you save money buying organic foods
  • Is there a difference between organic and all natural
  • Are organic foods really healthier and safer
  • Do organic foods contain more vitamins and minerals
  • Can pesticides in conventional foods cause cancer
  • Are organic meats lower in fat