Sprouting Jar- lid

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Mesh sprout lids fit most 86mm wide mouth glass jars (Ball, Agee, Golden Harvest etc).

The freestanding lid allows easy draining of water.  Simply add your favourite sprout seeds to the jar, fill with water and flip upside down leaving in the sink or on the bench to drain while you get about your day.   Give your sprouts a good rinse twice a day. Easy to soak, rinse and drain without loosing seeds (the mesh is very fine for even small seeds).   Comes as 2pce: Mesh is seperate from the lid, so you can remove and clean easily.

Product details:

  • ABS Stainless Steel Mesh and green BPA free plastic surround
  • Reusable product
  • Size : Diameter 9cm – suitable for jar mouth size 8.6cm
  • Corrosion resistant, easy clean and reusable