Planter Eco Potato grow bag

Planter Eco Potato grow bag

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When it comes to gardening and growing plants, using the right equipment is crucial to successful growth. The popularity of grow bags has been growing rapidly. 

Our planter eco-grow bags are made from high quality felt/nonwoven Fabric.  Versatile and practical our felt grow bags provide a convenient and effective way to grow a variety of plants- indoor and outdoor.  

Our grow bags have strong handles for secure lifting and moving and tear resistant cross tailoring for extra strength and durability.

These are a better alternative to plastic pots as our grow bag's breathable fabric allows for proper drainage and aeration, preventing plants from becoming waterlogged and ensuring essential oxygen reaches the roots.  This promotes healthy root development (prevents root binding- a common problem in plastic containers) and maximizing air circulation as it provides excellent drainage and ventilation- promoting plant growth and yield.  It also means our Eco grow bags are better suited for growing a variety of plant types, including flowers, vegetables, herbs, and even fruit trees.

Unlike traditional planters or pots, grow bags can be easily moved, allowing gardeners to optimize sunlight exposure and provide the best growing conditions for plants. This makes grow bags ideal for urban gardening, balcony gardening and people with limited outdoor space.

When choosing a grow bag, it’s crucial to consider size and depth based on your plant’s root system. The bag should be large enough to accommodate the growth of the plant, providing ample room for the roots to spread and develop. Insufficient space can cause stunted growth and limit the plant's access to nutrients and water.  Some plants require more aeration, while others may benefit from better water retention. Research the specific needs of your plants and choose a grow bag that meets your needs.

Also, pay attention to the durability and longevity of the grow bag. You want a bag that can withstand multiple growing seasons without tearing or deteriorating. If you plan on moving your grow bag frequently, check for reinforced seams and sturdy handles (like our grow bags).

Eco made with biodegradable materials and reusable.