Mustard lettuce seeds:  100gm

Mustard lettuce seeds: 100gm

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Of all the spices that are traded around the entire world, mustard is the second most popular spice!

Mustard microgreens are very much like any other microgreen; tender and juicy while offering a gentle spicy kick. Consuming mustard microgreens offer a wide range of nutritional benefits. It is said to be a good source of several vitamins such as A, B6, C, K and E. It is high in carbohydrates, protein, fiber, folate, calcium, iron and sodium, just to name a few. Mustard microgreens is said to be one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world. This particular microgreen is loaded with nutritious value which is capable of fighting off diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and possibly cancer.

Mustard microgreens take 3 to 4 days to germinate, plus another 6 to 10 days before harvest.

They grow pretty fast. But don’t worry if you let them grow a bit longer and they get past the microgreen stage and become baby greens

They’re still young and tender enough to make a great addition to salads