FAQ's: Easygreen auto sprouter

Growing tips:

*Approximately how much wheat-grass can I grow per unit? 

You can expect approximately five cuts from each large wheat-grass tray. Each cut may provide you a wheatgrass shot of 20 to 25 ml. All this depends on many factors (light, temperature, quality of seeds, quality of wheatgrass juicer...etc).

*Do you recommend the use of a mineral solution to increase the nutritional content of the sprouts?

There’s no need to add minerals to the EasyGreenTM during the period before the first lateral roots are developed. The seeds will not absorb any added minerals during that time. When growing greens such addition may be beneficial after the 5th day…

*How can I prevent bacterial growth on my sprouts?

First, be sure to use fresh, high quality seeds. Second, to prevent mold growth, the FDA recommends treating the seeds by soaking them in a solution of 1 gallon of water and 200cc (1/2 cup plus 5 ½ tablespoons) of unscented Clorox type bleach for…

*I've heard that sprouts can be responsible for e-coli, salmonella, and other bacterial outbreaks, is it safe for me to grow and eat them?

When grown in the right conditions, absolutely! The EasyGreenTM is a complete system designed to grow sprouts under the most hygienic conditions; however it is important to follow each of our sterile growing guidelines.  


*What is a toggle and how does it control the misting cycle?

A "toggle" is the little switch around the dial of the timer that controls the amount of mist that waters your sprouts. In some EasyGreen™ timer models, these are black switches surrounding the timer dial; in others, they are tiny red switches.…

*How long should the mister run each time it is on?

Your mister should run from 15 to 20 minutes at a time on average. The EasyGreen timer is mechanical, not electronic, so you may notice some slight variations.

*The mist generator seems to slow down, the mist doesn't cover all the trays?

Try the following: Check impeller shaft for accumulation of calcium. Check emission holes along the impeller disc. Few drops of oil in the motor shaft, applied from the air intake under the air filter. In many cases these actions resolve the issue.

*Help! My trays flood with water!

 If the trays are flooding please check the following: 1. Are the small drainage holes on each cartridge clear from seeds, roots and possible debris? 2. Is the machine draining water well without the trays? If the answer to these questions is yes, you…


*I let all the water run out of the mist generator by mistake during weekly cleaning and the machine ran without water in it but it didn't shut down. Does the machine have an automatic shut off mechanism if the water is all used up?

It‟s best not to let the machine run too long after the water is exhausted. You can lessen the weekly disinfecting time by using just a litre of water (up to the line marked 10 on the tinted window). Then the process should only take an hour or two.…

*I need to store my Easygreen sprouter for a week or more.  How should I dry it out so it doesn’t get mouldy?

First empty the water compartment completely. Then unscrew the mist generator from the top. Using a blow dryer, softly blow dry the mist generator, being careful not to get too close to the machine. There‟s no need to dry the water reservoir.

*Do air filters need to be replaced or can they just be cleaned? If so, what is the best way to clean them?

As airborne bacteria become trapped in the air filters, we cannot recommend washing them out. It is safer to replace them. You can find them under parts on our website.

*Help! There is algae growing in my water tank!

A number of things may affect algae growth, including light, water quality, water temperature, and the hygiene of the machine. We advise you also to be careful that your machine is not exposed to direct sunlight. Stagnant waters due to oxygen depletion…

*Help! The clear part of my EasyGreen unit has turned cloudy. What's the solution?

ANSWER When using tap water, expect to see “milky” deposits on the clear part of the machine with time. These deposits do not affect the crops or the machine even though they may seem unsightly.


*I live in a humid area. What timer settings should I use?

You can try either the 5 or 6 setting (six toggles ON in a 24 hour period). See if the results satisfy you, and make adjustments as necessary. Remember, in high humidity areas you must keep the machine in a cool place.

*My EasyGreen Sprouter is using more water than normal

You will find that you will need to make adjustments to the timer whenever you have a seasonal change.

*How Can I Propagate Seeds in Cold Weather?

Many of our customers live where winter and spring seasons have low night time temperatures. To compensate, we recommend using a heating mat for propagation and growing. Most garden centers offer them, and you can purchase online, too.

*Can I use a heating mat during winter?

A heating mat could be placed under the machine. You may locate it under the growing compartment between the front and back legs. This will suffice. If the mat has a temperature regulator, point it to about 70F, not higher.