The Bio 500 Mineral Pot, 99.9% fluoride removal

The Bio 500 Mineral Pot, 99.9% fluoride removal

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BMP 500 is the latest evolution in our 32 years of producing dome bench top filter systems. Featuring a slick new look with black housing and hand blown blue glass reservoir with tap outlet. After exhaustive research by our scientists the new BMP 500 can now remove up to 99.99% of fluoride (unequalled in our industry).  Once again Waters Co have set the new benchmark for other filter systems and filter companies to follow!

13 stages of sterilising, filtration & activation, multi stage cartridges contain:

  • Sub micron prefilters
  • Silver ionised activated coconut shell carbon,
  • Ion exchange cation resin blend for 99.99% Fluoride removal
  • Bio organic coral mineral sands
  • Silica sands
  • Far infrared ceramics
  • Bio ceramic Somelite™
  • Magnets and other patented filter medium

Store-bought bottled water isn’t just expensive. It contributes to the consumption of tonnes of environmentally un-friendly plastic waste made from non-renewable fossil fuel resources
When these bottles are emptied, the greater percentage become landfill – or garbage that ends up in waterways.
Greenhouse gases are the by-products of manufacturing these disposable, store-bought plastic water bottles & many of the reusable bottles which still have a limited lifespan, so to are the carbon emissions from vehicles that transport these bottles to shops.
With the Bench top filters you can fill a water bottle at home before leaving for the day or consider a Waterman, which makes it easy to drink fresh alkaline water anywhere – without wasting your money or the planet’s resources in the process.
Alkaline Water
Stress and over consumption of processed, acidic foods and drinks disturb the blood’s natural alkaline balance of pH 7.4.
This balance is critical to preserving good health and immunity as degenerative disease thrives in an acidic environment.

The BMP 500 minerals produce an alkaline pH of around 7.4 – 8.2 to the filtered water.
This aids your body in neutralising the acidic build up in our system caused by our lifestyles & diets, helping to restore optimum functionality to major organs & immune system while noticeably increasing energy & concentration.

Mineral Water

The Somelite™ coral and silica sands in the BMP 500 re-mineralises water, working together with bio ceramics to enrich water with around 60 essential sea based minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.
A mineral-deficient diet can contribute to significant health problems, causing mental and physical symptoms that affect everyday behaviour.
A good source of mineral-rich hydration, together with proper nutrition, can give the body minerals it needs to stay in good health.


Height 385mm
Diameter of base 235mm
Weight 4.2 kg
Materials Glass
Capacity 5.25 L
Filter Life Cycle 12000 litres or 4 years*

*Filter life span based on typical Australian municipal water and may vary based on average daily usage & quality of water being filtered.

Features and Benefits Summary

  • Includes filter kit with life cycle of up to 12000 litres or 3 years
  • All natural gravity fed filter system
  • No electricity or plumbing required, easy to assemble and to maintain
  • 12 stages of purification & activation
  • 5.25 litre Hand blown glass reservoir
  • .5 Micron pre-filter
  • Activated Coconut shell carbon filter reduces impurities – chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria
  • Resin for removal of fluoride & nitrate
  • Quickly re-mineralises tap water with alkaline mineral & silica stages
  • Bio ceramics produce far infra-red rays to give life & energy back to water
  • Somelite™ maintains freshness, taste & alkaline balance
  • Magnetised creating Hexagonal water molecules
  • Creates water with an ORP of up to -150 (may vary based on source water)
  • Creates Alkaline water with pH value of 7.4 – 8.2 (may vary based on source water)
  • Clean, fresh, great tasting, energised water
  • Economical and easy hydration at around 2 cents per litre (Nearly 1/3 the cost of similar systems)
  • Reduction in landfill waste from discarded shop-bought water bottles
  • Reduction in carbon & fossil fuels related to bottled water
  • Compact size, lightweight and easily transported if required
  • Life Time Warranty