Plant protein powder- vanilla, 500GM

Plant protein powder- vanilla, 500GM

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Vitanutrition Plant Protein is a great tasting, nutritionally clean, hyper-allergenic, low calorie protein isolate selected from sustainable sources.

Easily digestible, with all natural, bloat-free ingredients, Vitanutrition Plant Protein is a great alternative to regular protein isolates.

Loaded with rejuvenating protein, amino acids and BCAAs- you can enjoy this low Kj/ calorie treat anytime you want a healthy snack or to boost your smoothie or shake protein intake. 

Finally a superior Plant Protein that has a silky, creamy texture and tastes deliciouseven in water!

Many other plant based proteins tend to either taste awful, have a sandy/ chalky texture, mix terribly or all of these!

Now you can use Vitanutrition® Plant Protein to meet your protein requirements, and avoid all the stuff you don’t want.

● Vitanutrition® Plant Protein is a great tasting, highly pure pea protein isolate of the golden variety selected from sustainable sources.

● Easily digestible and high in amino acids and BCAAs for recovery and energy, Vitanutrition® Plant Protein is a great alternative to regular protein isolates.

Vitanutrition® Plant Protein benefits include:
– High protein content (88 – 90%)
– High digestibility of 98%
– No bloating
– Infused with powdered coconut water for improved hydration and electrolyte 
– Slow digestion rate making it ideal for controlling appetite and snacking
– Significantly richer in iron than regular protein isolates
– High in BCAAs for energy and recover
– Gluten-free
– Free from common allergens
– Dairy and egg free
– No cholesterol, lactose or soya
– 100% naturally-sourced
– GMO-free.

Check out how CLEAN the Nutritional Fact Panel is below and ENJOY GUILT FREE!

Vitanutrition® Plant Protein available in 500gm or 1kg bags

Who would benefit from taking Vitanutrition® Plant Protein:

● Anyone looking for a natural weight management solution.
Vitanutrition® Plant Protein low calorie, clean formula makes you feel fuller for longer and helps to cut down snacks between meals with no bloating.

● Those with an active lifestyle and those want to support lean muscle, energy and recovery
Vitanutrition® Plant Protein is slowly absorbed and easy to digest. It contains high levels of branched chained amino acids (BCAAs) that are essential in supporting lean muscle.

● The elderly – as we age our body muscle mass declines greatly and bones become more fragile
Vitanutrition® Plant Protein contains high levels of amino acids arginine and lysine, both essential for bone health. It is also rich in leucine, an amino acid particularly involved in muscle synthesis.

 Vegetarians, Vegans, gluten free or those preferring a vegetable protein to regular protein sources
Vitanutrition® Plant Protein is the ultimate solution for those with food intolerance and allergies by providing a great source of protein for vegetarian and those who are gluten free.