Paderno Puree master with 2 cups

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Don't buy cheap imitations- Paderno is a tried, true and tested machine that can withstand vigorous use. 
Everything you need to turn fresh tomatoes into glorious tomato sauce, leaving the skins and seeds behind.

There is that certain time of year when fruits and vegetables are prolific, when canning and preserving are essential activities, and when you need the right tools to be most efficient and effective … and this is when you need to begin to plan: the winter rains are ending, spring is springing, your starts are starting, and you’re in the process of turning your garden for the new season … or you’re simply planning your next trips to your local farmers’ market! It’s never to early ...!

Make, not just tomatoes- berries, grapes, cooked potatoes, etc. into sauces, purees, compotes, jams and more, that you can use and enjoy, long after your fresh supplies are no longer available, or simply in softer forms as your recipes or dietary requirements (or babies) may dictate. And, unlike a food processor, it leaves the skins and seeds behind so your sauce or puree is much smoother!

The Puree Master from Paderno is the tool you need to accomplish all these tasks …

  • Made of BPA-free ABS plastic
  • Includes with 18-ounce cup to catch juice and puree and a 12-ounce cup to catch pulp and seeds
  • Works with soft vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, berries and cooked potatoes
  • Patented design