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Wheatgrass seeds 1KG NZ grown ORGANIC

Wheatgrass seeds 1KG NZ grown ORGANIC

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Our seeds have a high germination rate, taste clean, fresh and sweet and are grown and harvested in the South Island of NZ. We have had a lot of great feedback on the quality of our seed, it's so good, most of it is exported.  100% NZ grown ORGANIC.

Once grown cut and cold pressed juice, will taste better with Carrot juice :)

Grow in our 2 piece growing trays- the hemp mats work particularly well as they retain the moisture and become a natural growing bed for your wheatgrass.

View this youtube video showing how to grow it in the Wheatgrass 3tier grower:  Or see below for instructions.....

Wheatgrass is wheat grown to a baby leaf stage. A highly nutriitious and cleansing food source rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes. Very alkalising! Wheatgrass is sprouted before the heads form and the grass juiced as so many nutritional properties and assists with whole body health. Contains Vitamine E, K, B1,B2, B3, Choline, Folic Acid, Iron, Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium, Chromium, Chlorophyll and more. Wheatgrass juice is easy to take when mixed with your fresh raw juice such as carrot or take a wheatgrass shot.

 Method for growing:
*Soak 2 cups organic seeds (the quality of seeds is important) in water for 8 hours.

*Rinse and drain the seeds.

*For soil free growing- spread the seeds onto the tray (with holes) or hemp mats are particularly beneficial.  If not using the hemp, you can place a paper towel down first if you wish to make it easier to clean up. Moisten the towel and sprinkle the pre-soaked seeds on it. Try to make sure that they are only level deep.

For soil growing add 5 cm soil into the growing tray & sprinkle the pre-soaked seeds out evenly on top of the soil- make sure only 1 layer deep.
Soil gardening requires more attention to watering than hydroponic (soil-free) growing, especially during the first 3 days of growth.

*The first 3 days - Watering your seeds is important, especially during the first three days if you want your seeds to germinate. It is the most important phase

*Cover with a black germinating lid (or the bottom tray if using the hemp mats) and water twice per day

*Day 4 -at this point the shoots should have started. Take off the lid.

*Day 5-8 - Once your grass is growing evenly and has created a matrix of roots, you have successfully mastered the critical phase of growth.

*Days 8-14 - harvest typically falls between days 10-14. Choose the time when your grass looks healthy and before it starts to show signs of aging. Regardless of whether you grow in soil or without, you can cut your blades. Taller is better.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review