Coconut Aminos: Hoisin sauce 237ml

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From a culture where soy-based sauces have reigned for centuries, we are proud to offer our soy-free re-creation of this timeless Hoisin classic.

Made with coconut tree sap instead of soy sauce, this special recipe delivers an authentic Hoisin experience that will delight your palate with its flavorful aromatic spices!



Chickpea Miso* (rice koji*, chickpeas*, sea salt), Coconut Nectar*⁺, Coconut Crystals*⁺, Mirin* (rice*, distilled rice wine*, water, rice koji*, sea salt), Himalayan Salt, Coconut Vinegar*⁺, Garlic*, Toasted Sesame Oil*, Ginger*, Chili Powder*, Star Anise*
*Certified Organic⁺Coconut Tree Sap