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Ankarsrum 6230 (LATEST MODEL) Assistant original stand mixer

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*This is the latest model, with more powerful motor*

Available in White, red or blue (see photos)  

Every Ankarsrum Assistent® Original mixer is handmade in Sweden.
*Mixer base with stainless steel and carbon steel design
*7 litre stainless steel mixing bowl, dough roller, dough knife, dough scraper, dough hook, dust cover lid, a 3.5 liter BPA/BPS free Tritan plastic mixing bowl, multi-wire balloon and single-wire cookie whip.
*Self adjusting speed control
*Powerful and quiet 600 watt motor
*Whisks meringue, creams butter, and holds up to 18 egg whites
*Choose between white, blue or red

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Here is a summary:

The dials turn very smoothly, relatively quiet and I love the integrated bowl scraper, the huge bowl capacity (which can hold up to 28 cups of flour), & how the machine turns on its side to accommodate other attachments.
Totally splurge-worthy, especially if you're a baker, or are looking for an all-in-one machine that can do a lot of things beyond mixing & kneading. (e.g grinding, slicing, shredding).
Ankarsrum is the most powerful residential mixer on the market. Compared to KitchenAid- which has a 325-watt motor and a 5-quart bowl capacity- Ankarsrum has almost double the power at 600 watts and a 7.4 quart bowl capacity. Making it more in line with KitchenAid's Professional series, but even then it's more powerful with a larger capacity and more accessories.

All in all, I've been nothing but impressed by the Ankarsrum mixer so far, and I would highly recommend it, particularly for avid bakers. It operates very smoothly, and is pretty quiet. The whole thing feels slick and incredibly sturdy. Definitely my new favorite kitchen tool!

Also featured in Dish Magazine as one of Bridget Dunns favorite appliances, as "it pretty much does everything."

Buy direct from the distributor, backed up by our warranty and local service. Official Ankarsrum YouTube videos are available online!

Ankarsrum Assistent Original Mixer Dimensions: 36.8H x 26.65W x 40.6D
Ankarsrum Assistent Original Mixer Weight: 8.6kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review