Sprouting or microgreens kit. BPA free

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Easy way to grow your wheatgrass, microgreens or sprouts, indoors or outdoors, with or without soil.  

I often grow my sprouts in these trays as well as microgreens and it works just as well.  Please see photos to view the process I used for my Green Broccoli sprouts.

Kit includes:
seed tray
seedling flat mat tray

Measures 32.5 x 26 x 11.5 when together.

Method for microgreens or sprouts:
*Lay some plain paper tissue on the seed mat (cut to correct size) then dampen slightly (the water spray bottles are handy and can be purchased seperately from us).

*Sprinkle seeds on the tissue as evenly as you can and spray with water

*Keep the seeds moist at all times 3-5 times a day to begin with.  Don't let them dry out or they'll die and don't put in direct sunlight.

*After a few days once the shoots start to grow beneath the mat it will be sufficient to just ensure there is water in the bottom of the tray

*Cut when desired, sometimes they will re-grow and you'll get another cut from them

Please see photos to show the different stages