Heat mat

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  • The Heat Mat is a key element to controlling your microgreen growing environment and ensuring a stable temperature for successful germination and growth, especially through the colder months, and when less light is available
  • Keeps a steady temp and distributes heat evenly (insulating layer underneath).
  • Warms root area 10-20F over ambient temperature to keep roots warming.
  • Multi layer construction, internal insulated wiring for enhanced safety.
  • Made of durable heavy duty PVC material, fireproof & waterproof.  Allows for easier cleaning or scrubbing.
  • Only 18 watts of power, low energy - good for the environment.
  • Also perfect for pet enclosures and terrariums (e.g. reptile/rodent/arachnid keeping).  When used with a thermostat, heat mats can be controlled to provide the precise level for pets.
  • Dimensions: 25x51cm
  • Can be paired with the Microgreen tray and other accessories