Whole Food Facts book by:  Evelyn Roehl

Whole Food Facts book by: Evelyn Roehl

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Whole Food Facts: The Complete Reference Guide by Evelyn Roehl

With the recent influx of natural foods, organic produce, and new nutritional information into the market, consumers find themselves facing new questions: What is miso? How do I cook Millet? Is aspartame dangerous? How much beta-carotene does my body need? What is the fat content of and avocado?

For these health-conscious individuals, Whole Food Facts is and indispensable recourse. Listing every whole food likely to be found in a market - from old favourites like apples and oats to new-comers like quinoa and tempeh - Whole Foods Facts describes what each food is, where it comes from, how to store it, and how to cook with it.Comprehensive nutritional breakdowns are provided for every food.

Author, Evelyn Roehl includes chapters on diets and nutrients, making meal planning simple. Separating the facts from the myths, she discusses recent trends such as macrobiotics and low-fat foods. Roehl presents her information in a lively, easy to understand manner, complete with fascinating historical information and tips for smart shopping. No kitchen should be without this lexicon of food knowledge.