Food Combining For Health

Food Combining For Health

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Get fit with goods that don't fight! By following five simple but important rules of food combining, you can enjoy excellent health, strengthening your body's immune system, eliminating excess weight and increase your energy and zest for life.

This method of food combining was set forth sixty years ago by Dr William Howard Hay, a gifted surgeon and general practitioner.After curing himself of a life threatening illness through the use of food combining principles, he began to apply the system in treating his patients. He discovered that improper chemical conditions in the body are the underlying cause of all disease and that compatible food combinations are nature's way of re-establishing and maintaining the body's correct chemical balance.

The Hay System begins by identifying compatible and incompatible foods. It goes on to advocate a diet composed predominantly of alkali forming foods, such as fresh fruits, green vegetables and salads, allowing for a wide variety of other foods in proper proportion and combination (the only ones to be avoided are those that are highly refined such as sugar and white flour). When these guidelines are followed, resistance to illness is increased and symptoms of established diseases as diverse as arthritis and diabetes are alleviated.

Doris Grant (1905-2003) followed the Hay System for nearly seventy years and was a radiant embodiment of its effectiveness. In this book, she joined forces with Jean Joice to present a fresh look at Dr Hay's teachings. Delicious recipes and seasonal menus are included along with other helpful suggestions for putting the principles of food combining into practice.