Blendtec GO travel bottle- compatible with all Blendtec blenders

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Blendtec's latest product:  The Blendtec GO™ travel bottle accessory offers the first disposable blend-in-cup option for use with Blendtec’s high-powered blenders. Not only does the Blendtec GO™ allow for single-serve blending in a convenient reusable bottle, it also allows blending directly into a disposable cup for the ultimate grab-and-go option.

Custom, single-serve smoothies are easier than ever with the Blendtec GO™ travel bottle accessory. Blend in the convenient, reusable bottle and top with the travel lid for great on-the-go convenience. Or, simply fill a disposable cup with ingredients, place the cup into the GO bottle, secure the micronizer blade attachment and place onto a Blendtec blender motor base. Remove cup and enjoy.

Package includes:

  • Blendtec GO™ Micronizer Base
  • Blendtec GO™ Travel Bottle
  • Blendtec GO™ Travel Lid
  • 4 sample 16 oz. disposable cups to use in the travel bottle
  • Blendtec GO™ Quick Start Guide
  • Compatible with all Blendtec home blenders
Blendtec technology combines and blends, producing a unique & better blending vortex to micronize fruits and vegetables, making nutrients more bio-available to the body.